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Hospital Heroes Gallery shines a light on the unsung heroes of the RCH


The Hospital Heroes Gallery is a year-long series of portraits celebrating the ‘unsung heroes’ of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), specially curated for the hospital’s 150th anniversary.

“For 150 years, the RCH has been providing outstanding care to our community, by our community and it is the heroes behind the scenes that makes the hospital the world-leading institution it is today. We’re proud to have launched the Hospital Heroes Gallery in partnership with RMIT and BankVic, a dedicated gallery that pays tribute to the unsung heroes who go above and beyond every day,” said Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of the RCH Foundation.

Over six months, RMIT photography students worked with nominated heroes to learn more about the work they do and why they love working at the RCH.

The first of four exhibitions titled ‘Fundamental Foundations’ highlights the dedicated network of support staff who work tirelessly each day to ensure there are strong foundations for clinical staff to provide the greatest care possible.

The exhibition features staff from Ward Support, Orthotics, Operations, Food Services, Family Resources and Environmental Services. Nenita Rennie, Environmental Services Assistant at the RCH said she was proud to be included.

“I am a cleaner and I have been here for quite a while now, over thirty years. As a cleaner, you are part of the hospital, you’ve got a great responsibility. You have to make the hospital clean and we like to make the hospital really beautiful because we accept all sorts of patients, parents and visitors as well. It makes me feel proud of what I’m doing. I think it’s time for people of all walks of life be recognised with whatever work they do as long as you contribute to the success of the hospital,” said Nenita.

The gallery is located at the southern end of Main Street on the ground floor of the hospital and is open daily.