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Nursing & Innovation Symposium


14th of September, 2020
11:00 am

As 2020 will also mark the 200th year since Florence Nightingale’s birth, the founder of modern nursing, this event will celebrate the nursing staff, accomplishments and history at the hospital; looking back and reflecting on the changes that have occurred in nursing over the decades.

Innovation and digitalisation change every industry, and healthcare is not the exception. Technology is growing in healthcare more than ever. Is nursing ready to cope with these fast changes? Do nurses receive adequate training and exposure to adapt to new technologies? How is it impacting patient safety?

A forum for nurses to discuss transformative ideas over two days, topics will include innovation at the bedside, inspiration about traditional care, and new ways of looking at the healthcare system, while stimulating creative innovation and research in nursing education.

This event will offer a platform for information exchange and networking, alongside the best and brightest minds working today.

This event will run over two days, from the 14 to 15 September 2020.