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Hospital Heroes: Raising the Bar

Auxiliaries, donors, fundraisers (e.g. GFA, Uncle Bob’s Club), RCH volunteers, Starlight, Camp Quality

During March to June the Hospital Heroes Galley will play tribute to the generous individuals and groups that pledge time, money and resources to support The Royal Children’s Hospital. The invaluable funds raised by individual donors and organised groups of auxiliaries and campaigners are the reason the RCH is recognised as a world-class paediatric institution. The hospital has an amazing network of volunteers who support the organisation. Our supporters provide patients respite from the mundane hospital routine by engaging, empowering and distracting children with smiles, laughs and emotional support.

The gallery is located at the southern end of Main Street on the ground floor of the hospital and has been developed, produced and delivered in collaboration with RMIT University photography students.

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